The Importance of Branded Promotional Items

When discussing the importance of branded promotional items for your business, it pays to look at some good examples. While 2020’s Jack in the Box chicken-scented face mask might not have been everyone’s cup of tea, it was memorable, oddly useful, and undeniably timely. It’s likely you have a nonwoven tote bag with your favorite local restaurant’s logo printed on it, and it’s a good bet you’ve reused it, at least once. Next time you’re feeling hungry, that restaurant name will be top of mind.

So, what branded promotional items do is provide a way to keep your company name visible to your customers, even—and especially—when they’re not looking for it. That kind of brand awareness is not just important, it’s a key to establishing customer trust and brand loyalty.


Branded Promotional Items Provide a Physical Experience

There are many studies (including this data reported in The Harvard Business Review) to indicate that when the body experiences something through the five senses, the brain remembers it better. A physical object such as a branded coffee mug, a pen, or stress ball creates a mind-body connection each time a customer takes a sip, writes a note, or squeezes the object with your company name on it.

Positive association comes with context, too. A branded fitness towel or yoga ball serves as a symbol of wellbeing that aligns with your brand in the minds of your customers. Likewise, a mobile charger or cable with your logo identifies your brand as modern and useful.


Tell your Brand Story with Promotional Items

At CCG Promo, our marketing team listens carefully to your particular needs and goals when setting up your virtual store. When it’s time to create and source your promos, you want the branded promotional items you choose to make sense for your message and audience, as well as suit your budget. It’s just as important that your promotional products help tell your brand’s story in some way. However, the message doesn’t have to be too on the nose. No matter your business, these items communicate reliability, utility, and ecological awareness:

  • Travel Mug with Slider Lid
  • Roll-Up Water Bottle
  • Double Wall Stainless Steel Tumbler
  • Tote Bag
  • Bicycle Light
  • Silicone Ziplock Bags

All that contact, use, and visibility pays off! The next time your customer needs your actual product or service, your brand’s name sits at the top of the list.


Promotional Products Can Adapt to the Occasion

Promotional products offer opportunities to market your brand in a variety of ways. Additionally, items can range from the very inexpensive to the outright luxurious. A floating keychain with your business logo perfectly commemorates a fishing tournament or a competitive open swim. A branded holiday ornament is a lovely and memorable way to say thank you for a seasonal purchase.

While the custom t-shirt takes the prize all-time winner for most popular branded promotional item, branded apparel in any form gives legs to your logo. Think, polo shirts and tees for summer. Warm up to winter with quarter-zip fleece pullovers and warm beanies. Branded clothing items are a terrific way to advertise your brand all year long.

Reap the cost and marketing benefits of branded promotional items with CCG Promo. We do it all, providing expert promotional services to connect, source, customize, kit, and ship. Reach out to learn more about how we can create the perfect company store for you.