How to Keep Remote Employees Engaged

The question of how to keep remote employees engaged will only grow in importance as we accept a “new normal” after COVID-19. The workplace has undergone a revolution, and there’s no going back. Whether a company operates under a hybrid approach of in-office and at-home work, or shifts to a primarily remote model, smart employers will prioritize keeping good employees invested in the company.

Keep Remote Employees Engaged by Supporting Their Autonomy

Millennials and Gen Z’ers value flexibility in the workplace. Working remotely allows people to be productive according to their own schedule. A survey by Global Workplace Analytics signifies that freedom of choice around time often results in higher productivity. One benefit: people no longer feel pressured to appear visibly busy at the office. Also, workers report an enhanced ability to focus, and better work-life balance in general. Trusting employees to manage their own time builds mutual respect. Therefore, barring hard deadlines and time zone requirements for meetings, allowing employees to manage work demands on their own clock serves everyone better than having them punch in eight to five.

Maintain Company-Wide Meetings

Remote engagement requires a fine balance. The aim is to support autonomy while retaining a sense of shared purpose with the company and its people. Meetings get a bad rap. In the not-so-distant past, many employees were known to dread meetings, whether for their excessive frequency or because, too often, so little seemed to be achieved at the table. Scrutiny could be an issue too, making employees feel put on the spot.
However, the meeting is a prime opportunity to get everybody on the same page, a centralized way to acknowledge achievements and define goals. By and large, remote work is solitary work. Meetings remind employees of the network within which they operate, and provide a company compass.

CCG Promo recently created an employee engagement package for NICE, a leader in the FinTech industry. As part of a virtual sales kickoff, each remote employee received a master carton containing smaller, branded boxes, one for every day of the event. Each special box revealed gifts, meeting materials, and snacks relating to the day’s theme. The response was terrific. As a single source for every step of the process, CCG was able to create a successful internal company promotion, which included:
· Product sourcing
· Kitting
· Custom design, packaging, and printing
· Timely distribution to 1,100 global attendees in 29 different countries

The combination of creativity, shared experience, and company-wide inspiration helped NICE galvanize its remote workforce and strengthen employee loyalty.

Foster Genuine Community, Virtually

Again, the benefits of even a partially remote workforce are numerous. Increased productivity and lower turnover can save a company thousands of dollars annually. Remote employees themselves save up to $4,000 a year by working from home. That said, working from home (or even from the coffee shop) can be isolating. Implement platforms that facilitate interaction between employees. Online messaging and conferencing tools keep channels of communication open. Consider a platform for informal feedback, as well.

Recognize Your Employees Contributions

Remote employees may seldom feel on the spot at work, but neither do they get to feel the spotlight. To keep remote employees engaged, it’s essential to make sure they feel valued within the company. Of course, acknowledging the good work of a remote employee has to look a little different now that everyone is not in the office. However, the goal is the same: positive recognition. An employee who feels valued is more likely to stay engaged.

Branded merchandise opportunities include:
· New Hire Gift
· Merchandise stores
· Award Programs
· Retirement Gifts

Your investment can run the gamut from small to grand, depending on the occasion. Modest or extravagant, a gesture of recognition and thanks sends a strong message that your remote employee is seen and appreciated. Explore CCG Promo for ideas for incentives and employee wellness programs. With a full spectrum of services under one roof, we make it easy to build strong and enduring connections with your remote team.