Warehousing space is a precious commodity. CCG has you covered with our state of the art warehouse, providing real time inventory reports, for your company store or branded merchandise.


CCG fulfillment and warehousing services include an optimized approach to the fulfillment process since there is much more to maintaining a company store than storing a bunch of merchandise in a warehouse. You will need fulfillment services in order to deliver to customers. That is why, along with physical space for your inventory, CCG offers full scale fulfillment services that are integrated with our warehouse management system to maintain and execute orders, ship products, and track the items to their destination.

You provide a distribution list, we take care of everything else- easy as that! Our shipping & logistics team will ensure each custom kit is delivered to the recipients promptly.



Merchandise stores are a convenient way of marketing and selling your products to the masses. We can seamlessly create a customized store that perfectly represents your brand with integrated  inventory and  real-time data analysis.


From pick & pack, to our white glove service, there is no limit to the products that we can prepare and package. Once the product is received, we can design a production schedule tailored to your needs.


Our state of the art facility is the perfect place to store your inventory! With our integrated warehouse management system, our shipping and logistics team can create individualized distribution and drop-shipping options for projects of any size.


Strategically located just 20 minutes outside of NYC, our warehouse is the perfect location to store your inventory. Whether you are bringing in merchandise from overseas or you need a safe place to hold your product, CCG’s state of the art facilities are managed to the highest standards. Want a company store but worried about storage space? CCG has the solution. We maintain our customer’s company stores and provide warehousing and fulfillment services. CCG has over 500,000 square feet of warehousing space at our disposal. Our warehouse is climate controlled, pharma-compliant and features more than 20,000 pallets, bins, and flow rack spaces. No matter the size of your inventory, we have space for you!


Whether your project requires sourcing, branding, or storing, our experienced team is here to help you get started.


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