Activation Programs are the best way to get your customers excited about your brand. Providing customers with branded products as a gift for joining a program builds brand loyalty and awareness. Whether it is for new hires, recognizing employee accomplishments, or just trying to re-engage with your staff, an employee appreciation program can help build synergy within an office.


Incentive, Recognition, & Engagement Programs are great ways to improve brand awareness while simultaneously rewarding participants, whether it is customer or employee focused. 


If you can think of it, we can bring it to life! Our favorite projects are those where we can utilize our creativity to design one of a kind concepts for our customers.


By utilizing activation programs, customers/employees can be transformed into brand ambassadors. These programs are designed to increase engagement through rewards and recognition.

Engagement & Recognition Programs

The main goal of engagement or recognition programs is to connect with your target audience and show appreciation. A great way to facilitate this is via branded merchandise that makes the recipient an ambassador for your brand.

CCG specializes in sourcing, assembling, and fulfilling employee recognition programs that include kits, gifts, and promotional merchandise.

Employee Incentive & Rewards Programs

One of the best ways to promote sales is through incentive and rewards programs. CCG can create custom employee incentive programs designed to celebrate those who exceed performance goals. No matter what your program entails, CCG can design the best program to inspire continued achievement. Whether it is rewarding a top Sales Associate or reaching 25 years of service at the company, CCG can reward employees by incentivizing with Gift Cards, Award Plaques, Vacation Packages and/or Club Trips, CCG can handle programs large or small.

Customer Activation Programs 

The moment that a customer realizes the full benefit of your product, they become an enthusiastic ambassador for your brand. A customer activation program rewards a customer for joining a program and provides benefits for continued participation. CCG can help you get your customers activated with branded gifts and premium products. A good activation program invites the customer to become an active participant in the brand, its message, and its values.


From brainstorming ideas and customizing solutions, to coordinating logistics, drop-shipping, and warehousing space, our team is ready to help you bring your project’s vision to life.