Start Promoting Your Business with Branded Merchandise

As the darkness and hibernation of quarantine and COVID-19 comes to an end, now is the perfect moment to start promoting your business with branded merchandise. Whether you’re starting up something new or celebrating the resilience of an established business, promotional products are a smart option to build customer awareness and position yourself ahead of the competition.

That’s the “why” of it. The next questions are, What kind of merchandise should you offer? How do you go about making a branded inventory a reality that works seamlessly with your business? The following offers some insight and direction for marketing your company with branded products.


Promo Products Promote Optimism

Step confidently into the future with branded merchandise. You’re still here, and your customers are still here! Together everyone can begin to participate in and enjoy the activities that have been on hold for so long.

While indoor public togetherness continues to wriggle its way out from under COVID restrictions, people are excited to get out and enjoy the fresh air. Outdoor events and warm-weather activities are an ideal arena for your promotional products. Mini footballs, golf towels, drinkware, picnic blankets, and rain ponchos can all carry your company’s name and contact information wherever the fun takes them!


Reintroduce Your Brand. Or Reinvent It.

Promotional products create connection. Offer branded merch as a thank you for purchasing a product or trying a service. Distribute freebies at an event. Branded merchandise helps people feel valued. As commerce and contact reunite post-COVID-19, take the opportunity to focus on your company’s mission, and fine-tuning your brand’s goals.

One very budget-friendly way to hone your brand identity is with branded merchandise. For example, items with your company name can speak directly to your desired market. Is your audience health conscious and active? If so, make your brand a part of their routine with customized items such as:

  • Eco Performance Tee
  • Branded Headband
  • Yoga Strap
  • Running Waist Belt Bag

From writing tools and mobile tech accessories to useful kitchen gadgets and cocktail kits, choose the promotional products that represent your ethos and personality. In this way, your customers will associate your brand with the same values that are meaningful to them!


Branded Merchandise Is More Popular Than Ever

T-shirts customized with your logo and other information relating to your brand draws attention. In addition, they help your company create brand awareness. A customer who steps out wearing your logo on a t-shirt or cap is not only demonstrating their loyalty for your business, but is a walking (and free!) billboard, as well.

Customized t-shirts are a popular way to show support for a favorite business, and are a staple of fashionable street wear. The Guardian reports, “From bakeries and pizzerias to breweries and roasteries, customers are supporting their favorite eateries during the pandemic by buying an astonishing amount of branded goods.” There’s never been a better time than this moment to take advantage of the popularity of branded apparel and other promotional products.

CCG Promo can help you and your business get a leg up on putting together and marketing your branded merchandise inventory. Providing your customers with branded merchandise doesn’t mean you have to source product, build a warehouse, and hire extra staff. Our marketing experts create turnkey activation programs and virtual company stores that reflect your brand and business to a customized tee. Contact us for details.