How Promotional Products Can Help Your Business

 How do promotional products help your business? Remember digging through the cereal box for the free toy? If you do, you probably recall the power of the promotional product to inspire brand loyalty. From an inexpensive giveaway to a branded corporate gift, promotional products help your company build connections. They are an effective tool for circulating your logo and deepening brand awareness in your target audience. The following are five ways promotional products can play a significant and successful role in your overall marketing strategy.


1. Promotional Products Target Your Audience

Or they can, if your items relate to and show an understanding of your desired customer. Sometimes this can translate to promotional items that echo your industry. Examples include a basketball-themed keychain or stress ball for a sporting goods business. Another way to target your market is to appeal to them with an item that speaks to a need in a fun way. A branded set of earbuds is the perfect promotional item for a telecommuter returning to their favorite coffee shop after a long pandemic year. Practical and thoughtful, this kind of customized merchandise creates a positive association with your brand.

As we emerge from a year+ of social distancing and COVID-19 quarantine, it pays to re-evaluate the needs of your target audience. This is a prime opportunity to really focus on how you can positively impact your customers (and employees!) with promotional products that resonate now.


2. Branded Merchandise Is Popular

A t-shirt from a favorite eatery, a free pen—there’s no question that promotional items continue to be popular. Not only is branded merchandise a hit with customers, surveys indicate that people tend to hold onto promotional items for up to a year, and often longer. That’s a lot of free and repeat organic exposure for your brand. Take advantage of that kind of buzz!


3. Promotional Products Boost Your Brand’s Visibility

A branded water bottle, travel mug, or cooler is like a portable billboard. Promotional products take your company name and contact information into the world in ways that other marketing strategies cannot. Think of the happy camper wearing a cap with your company logo, celebrating an adventure on Instagram. Imagine a virtual event where participants lift their coffee mugs for a sip or group “Cheers!”, revealing your brand name and email, printed on the bottom. Promotional merchandise lets your business shine in new and unexpected ways.


4. Promos Can Adapt to Every Season & Occasion

While most businesses experience cycles of activity, there’s no reason your brand can’t stay top-of-mind for your customers all year long. Seasonal branded apparel can promote your company name from the beach to the ski slopes. Of course, more evergreen items can be of use no matter the weather, including lens and screen cleaning cloths and tote bags.

 Branded merchandise is a great way to reward performance and show employee appreciation. From a plush throw with the company logo to a luxury cocktail set or a branded Bluetooth speaker, promotional products communicate good will. A lovely custom gift communicates generosity and inspires loyalty.


5. Small Investment, Big Return

Promotional items offer a high return on investment. Whether you’re spending pennies per item on a free giveaway at a trade show, or presenting a valued employee with a luxury gift, promotional merchandise has the power to boost your brand well into the future. High visibility and positive association fosters a kind of brand awareness and customer steadfastness that other marketing strategies can’t produce by themselves. In a physical way, promotional campaigns support big-picture marketing campaigns. They draw customers’ attention to digital and traditional platforms, where they can take action.

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