Build Your Brand Recognition with Promotional Products

Why use promotional products to build brand recognition? For one, branded merchandise is the marketing gift that keeps on giving. Every time a customer or an employee wears a shirt with your company’s logo, takes a branded water bottle on a hike, or brings home groceries in a tote bag graced with your business’ name, your brand expands its reach. In fact, promotional products may be one of the most budget-friendly components of your branding strategy.


Why Is Brand Recognition Important?

The obvious answer, of course, is that the more easily your intended customers recognize your brand, the more likely your customers are to insist on your brand. Few businesses offer a product or service that is so unique that they don’t have any competition. Therefore, you want your business to stand out and to be remembered. Brand recognition through the use of promotional products keeps your company’s identity in plain sight. Promo products support your brand recognition strategy through:

  • Cost-Effective Marketing Support for New & Established Businesses
  • Organic Point of Entry for Potential Customers
  • Concrete Method for Building Confidence & Trust

In other words, each time a customer jots down a note with a branded pen or uses a bit of hand sanitizer from a bottle with your company’s name printed on it, your business wins. Every interaction builds brand recognition and deepens customer loyalty.


How Do Promo Products Build Your Brand Recognition?

First of all, an effective promotional product is of actual use. It puts the company name and contact information literally in the hands or on the backs of customers on an everyday basis.

Repeat use or wear promotes positive association. Combined, consistent visibility and utility have the power to foster brand loyalty.

Another way to use promotional products to support building brand recognition is to offer one as an incentive. For instance, a branded product is an ideal gift for subscribing to an email or for making a purchase. This strategy can be particularly beneficial for service-oriented businesses, as your customer will have a physical, branded item to keep your services top of mind.


Customize Merchandise to the Occasion

Remember Bat Day at baseball games? Branded promotional products go a long way to celebrate an event or a moment in time. Whether it’s a seasonal promotion or you’re looking to promote your brand at a fun run or golf tournament, it’s worthwhile to consider creating a promotional product that commemorates the occasion. Ideas include:

  • Branded Ornament or Enamel Pin
  • Gear Bag
  • T-Shirt
  • Logo Hat or Beanie
  • Customized Lanyard

While budget is always top of mind in business, promotional products give you hundreds of affordable ways to make your brand visible. On the other hand, a branded luxury item is a meaningful and memorable way to recognize and say thank you to your valued customers and employees.


Organize Your Merch with an Online Store

According to Promotional Products Work, eighty-two percent of people surveyed said they owned a promotional product, while forty-seven percent said they’d kept promotional products for over a year. That’s an advertising dream! Promotional products that include contact information as well as the company name serve as a mobile call to action, and are easily shareable.

Of course, branded merchandise doesn’t appear out of the air. Promotional products must be designed, ordered, stored, and shipped. CCG Promo builds customized company stores that easily manage every stage of fulfillment. Once the store is set up, it can be seamlessly integrated into existing platforms for easy data migration and shipment monitoring.

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